Sanitization Covid-19


In COVID-19 situation Freedom Shiksha Foundations volunteers went to different communities, we distributed 2500+ mask and we sanities almost 3000+ people across the community that’s how we are working on sanitization at the time of COVID-19 pandemic, while distributing mask who didn’t have mask at that time we gave them mask and we ask them to wear now in front of us and aware them about sanitization why wearing mask is important for everyone and how can we save our life and our families life by wearing mask, also in other drives we aware them about taking dose of vaccination and how much safe it is for them because many people were afraid to take vaccination dose and in our community we aware many people about vaccination also we helped them to book slots too.


Freedom Shiksha Foundation is moving forward with the same stability we are still awaring people about sanitization and we hope that we all will help each other at the time of pandemic and we also be aware about all the situation how critical it can be if we will not take this serious. help others in such a critical situations, if you want to take our campaign forward so please join us to make people more aware about sanitization and by sanitization how we can be safe.