Knowing FSF


Freedom Shiksha Foundation is working with such children, women and youth. Children living in such a society who have been victims of terrible poverty, illiteracy and inferiority mentality in this world, are living their daily livelihood with the mentality of begging and ordering the children in the streets, neighborhoods, on the red lights of the crossroads and in every city. Due to the illiteracy caused by such an inferior mentality, they are growing in the world of crime due to the atrocities on those children.
Freedom shiksha foundation – By raising them from this suppressed mindset, a new direction will provide them with a new career and education to move forward on the path full of energy and mentality. In which our foundation will provide them many such programs, from reading to writing, taking care of sports, handicraft, dance, and health.

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Our vision is to create such a world in which those children are so positive with confidence that they can give good education and employment to others in the future !!!

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