Governing Body


Md Ismail


MD. Ismail is from a middle class family, he has seen extreme poverty and hardships from the beginning. He considers it his duty to be among the people from the very beginning and find a solution to their problems and always extend their hands to help the poor people. Since 2017, he has done the work of promoting education by going to slums, slums, and temporary areas, which is a great work. Freedom Shiksha Foundation Founder Md.Ismail wants that through Freedom Shiksha Foundation, we should contribute to give a new identity to women, children, and youth and give flight to their dreams. Ismail always tries his best to give education to the youth and children of the backward classes and they say that through education we are increasing atrocities in the society like children, youth, women, and domestic violence. Which is hurtful to the people either mentally or physically or both. We can give a new direction to the dreams seen by them only through education and education has a great contribution in reducing the crime happening in the country and, colony, slum, jhoperpatti, which we all mentally and physically helps to change.


Sonu Pal


My name is Sonu, I have ITI and B.A from Delhi University. I started FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION to change some problems in the society with Open thinking. My mission is to make CHILDREN’S and WOMEN’S and ELDERLY live their life with the MENTALITY of BEGGING in the street mohallas. In view of this problem, I emphasized on working in urban and rural India. I see my work as a way to tackle the main challenge of our time. A large section of the society is a victim of the mentality of begging. Keeping an eye on the growing gap and disparity between our economy, urban prosperity and poverty, I am working effectively to accelerate actions on various issues in some of the backward societies and regions. India on a large scale. I want to come out of this suppressed mindset and EDUCATE them to move forward on a new DIRECTION, a NEW CAREER and a path full of ENERGY, so that they understand their duty and contribute to the PROGRESS of the COUNTRY.


Vijay Kumar Meena

(Member of Board FSF),

My name is Vijay Kumar Meena and I have done Electrical Engineering from GB Pant Institute of Technology and also got BA degree from Kota University Rajasthan. I believe that every living creature on this world is dependent on nature for livelihood, Therefore environmental protection has become more important than ever. It is no longer just about food, clothing or shelter – it is much more than that. We are depleting natural resources faster than nature can replenish them. One of the toughest challenges we face is the environmental degradation resulting from deforestation, pollution and climate change. The deteriorating environmental conditions have resulted in many other problems like scarcity of resources, poor sanitation and hygiene as well as disasters like floods and droughts. We humans are causing great harm to the environment. But we can save the environment and prevent problems by stopping the cutting of trees and planting new trees,


Mohd Mohsin Khan

(Management Head South Delhi),

Hi, this is Mohd Mohsin khan I joined Freedom shiksha foundation in 2018, It feels so proud to being a part of Freedom Shiksha Foundation as a (Management head) and I really loved the work we are doing in Freedom Shiksha Foundation, there was so many things I like personally, interacting with the children those who stays happy just because of us, experiencing a real and personal way, I feel so happy when i see the outcome of our efforts (Our Covid Drive and clothes distribution drive, the way we took classess in slum with the children and happy faces comes in front of us after those Activities also we empower womens in our community and we gave them such a strong determination that they took their own decisions and make them stand in front of the community) getting to know the leaders of the community centers, those supportive faces we know who always stands for us and for the community. Overall, I am living my life with a different way in freedom shiksha foundation Thankyou