Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contributing material to FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION

Q: What all can I give/contribute?

Ans: You can give more or less anything, which is not being used at your home, office or community and could be of use to another. We take clothes, household items, stationary, old news papers, one side used paper, furniture, bedding, export surplus, generators, medicines, dry ration, blankets etc. You can refer to the suggestive list of material and certain dos and don’ts around giving. And for specific queries please check with us before sending any material which is not mentioned here.

Q; I want to contribute material to FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION someone come and pick it up from my place?

Ans; Kindly note that we do not have a mechanism for picking up material from individual households or entities, given our limited resources.  To know more you can write to… link

Q: Can you pick up material from home, office, school or college etc.

Ans: As a policy we don’t pick up material from individual homes. There are dropping centers in some parts of the cities where we work. You can go and give material at a center close to you. In case of schools, colleges, other institutions and corporates, since they have the means and the access to their own transportation, we request them to consider the dropping of material as the organization’s contribution towards our work. Transportation- inter and intra city, is one of the biggest costs in our work.

Q: I have heard that you also take old newspapers and other waste papers like magazines, brochures, and one side used paper etc. What do you do with these things?

Ans: The old newspapers are either turned into paper bags of different sizes or sold to raise funds for our work. The one side used paper, brochures, magazines etc are used for making notebooks for rural kids and writing pads.

Q: Will you issue an acknowledgement of material I contribute?

Ans: We will issue an acknowledgement for material received but cannot give specifics of the material i.e. how many clothes, how many shirts etc. Since we get material in big quantities everyday, we feel it will be a waste of precious limited manpower and resources. On the other hand if you provide details of material you give, we will be happy to acknowledge that.

Q: If I contribute in kind will I get a receipt?

Ans: Please refer earlier answer.
Q: Will I get tax exemption on my contribution in kind?

Ans: Under the Indian government rules you won’t get any tax exemption on material contribution.
Q: If I pay you for the transportation, will you be able to send someone for pick up?

Ans: If we know of a transporter who will pick up your material and bring it to our processing center, we will let you know his details and you can talk to him directly about the charges etc.
Q: Can you give me the feedback regarding whereabouts of my material?

Ans: Since we are dealing with vast quantities of material it is impossible for us to say where exactly each individual’s material has gone. What we can tell you is where all did we send material in the last month or last 3-6 months.
Q: Can you distribute material in my area?

Ans: Before we distribute material in any area we need to get basic details of the recipients. Also since we give material under Dignity for Work initiative (earlier known as Cloth for Work), we need to partner with a local organization who can connect with the community and bring them together for doing community work. In case of school material or for disasters we still need to know basic information like how many people, age groups, male/female etc details. If you can provide these details and identify a credible local organization willing to take up the initiative, why not?

Q: Can I come with you in the community where you are working?

Ans: You are most welcome to travel with our team members when they go on field visits but a) you will have to work according to their schedule b) the facilities and the living conditions at the community are the most basic, so be prepared for some rough living. Let us know about your free dates and if there is someone traveling at that time, we will let you know.


Q: How can I volunteer with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION ?

Ans: Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, nationality can volunteer with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION in many different ways, even sitting at home. volunteer-intern/for a list of volunteering opportunities, write to us at or call up the Freedom shiksha foundation office contact +918527121586/ 9560301446 to find out what suits your circumstances.

Q: Do I have to pay any membership fee to become your member/ volunteer?
Ans: No, there is no membership fee for joining FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION. Anyone anywhere can become a member by joining our work in different capacities.

Q; I want to do an internship with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION Who should I contact for this?

Ans; For interning with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION thorough this link /volunteer-intern/ Kindly note that the minimum duration of internship is of 1 month and interns have to work closely with team from Monday to Saturday (10 am – 5 pm).You can send us your application on: Internship Application Form

Q: Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION?

Ans: On request we will surely issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteer with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION on the tasks assigned by us. On the other hand we strongly discourage people from approaching us with requests from their friends, relatives, children, college kids wanting a certificate when they are not actually interested in working with us as a volunteer.

Q: I want to join you formally, how do I do that?

Ans: Send us your details and whenever there is an opening we will get in touch with you but if you are keen on working with us then the best way is to start with doing voluntary work with us. That will give you a first hand idea about our work, our work culture etc. Send us your detailed resume on mail@ for future reference.

Q: I want to do my internship, how do I proceed?

Ans: Please ask your institute to send us a formal letter, mentioning about your interest in doing an internship with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION. Also, please mention the duration, specific interest area, geographical preference. Clear and detailed information from your side will help us revert back at the earliest.

Q; What logistics expenses and stipend does FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION provide to interns?

Ans; We would be happy to help with arranging accommodation and other aspects but given our limited resources we are unable to offer accommodation and other stay related arrangements to interns. Also we do not give stipend for internship.

Q; I really like your work and would like to volunteer with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION? What opportunities are there for volunteers?

Ans; Good to know that you wish to connect with our work. There are many ways in which you can volunteer with your time, skills and even networking. For us to better understand you are requested to fill up this volunteering form. Also please get in touch with the nearest FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION office for some local opportunities and to connect with the local network of volunteer in your state.. Interactions with others who have been volunteering with FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION for many years will also give you some great ideas. For more queries on volunteering you can write to Ms. …

Q; I live abroad but I want to volunteer/intern at FREEDOM SHIKSHA FOUNDATION. What do I need to do?

Ans; First off if you can fill the volunteering form to share more information about you. Also please make sure your that you have all the requisite visa requirements and permissions from the Indian Government in place. For internships we would also need a letter from your academic institution backing your application

You are requested to register for volunteering

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Volunteers are given certificate after 3 months in Freedom Shiksha Foundation because we believe that volunteers are selfless, fearless, without any hesitation.
Makes a big contribution in working with emotion all the time And looking at their courage and ability, we are the best volunteers.
Good volunteer, many such certificates are given through this NGO. Which he can further tell his friends, family and relatives that he can enhance his talent with a new energy with the children.

There is no caste and gender difference in Freedom shiksha Foundation. If you join the team and you are not able to give much of your time to them, then you can also give online education to the children through Zoom App.

When you join Freedom Shiksha Foundation NGO, you will get to see and dry a lot of things there.

You will have a great feeling because you will be able to help people in some way by becoming a volunteer in the work of help. After becoming a volunteer it is not necessary that you should be expert in any field. It is important that you have a thought which is selfless in helping every needy people. With us you can volunteer and we have a good idea for you, a better tomorrow, for a better tomorrow To help everyone, you should also raise your hands and join
Freedom shiksha Foundation team We and you will join a mighty movement of people united by one goal. And we will raise our voice against corruption and abuse of women in the country. What to do after becoming a volunteer that makes you feel happy and work diligently to serve underprivileged children, organize events, donate, manage social media platforms and much more we can increase the amount of donation You will join a friendly team at the center of your community. Tell your friends and ask them to join You tell the family and you also donate your old and unused items. And you make a team in which you can show the information and work of Freedom shiksha Foundation in your, Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta, Group Volunteers and trainees receive a certificate
*Volunteer and internship roles are unpaid After becoming a volunteer, you will be able to know that even today in the country
Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, domestic violence, molestation, there are many such problems.
that we will meet And our thinking and understanding power will also increase.


Freedom Shiksha Foundation NGO does not give money to any of its volunteers
beyond money and material Any volunteer working for more than 3 months and keep them engagedAnd if you like to help the needy people, then let us tell you that Freedom Shiksha Foundation will give you some money in a month which cannot fulfill your need but it will be changed according to your work and time.Spread the word to your network of friends, family and coworkers so that more people can take some positive action.If you live in which RWA or corporate office, colony or live in such a place from where you can get some goods, then you can organize our donation camp and through this camp you can ask for donation of old items.Freedom Shiksha Foundation has a 2-month internship, if you want to do Jayda’s work, then you can do it and you can work with us for a long time.


You can do this activity by setting up a stall around your house and in other ways, this will give you a new energy and learn something good.
For those active, multilingual and interested in intern learning, the sky is the limit. If you know any specific skills or have a specific interest/wish list, let us know. Our priority is to ensure that you are satisfied with our processes Explore your skills and strengths by working on different aspects
for more inquiry website and gmail:

You can do the task given to you while doing internship, with family friends or exclusive people.


If you are the owner of any NGO, then you can connect your NGO with us by joining us.

And you can take your work further by connecting with us, we will support you in every way because you are also engaged in the service of the country. We all want to take education to every child and you will understand an energy and great responsibility by joining us. We will not give you any money or any money, but how to work in the country and how to connect with each other and will stand with you. You all are big thinking person and we are with you how you can give a big flight to your NGO We would like to tell you that together you and we will help the needy people in the country and will consider your work as a responsibility. You can join us and work in any field in which you are expert.
Freedom Education Foundation is working on a large scale in the country, you will get a lot of information by joining us and Together we will be able to face any problem in the country with fearlessness.
You can just fill the google form to join us and if you have any information like meeting, donation camp, collection camp initiative, or for any program then you can mail us at For more information please Chake Website and Contect Us.


Join With Us
If you are the owner or employee of a company, then you can connect with us even better, we keep a good arrangement to give employment to the people living in the country (youth and women), in which they first get a job and then give them a sustainable employment.
If you are the owner of a business that deals in clothing, then you can join us in such a way as
We will recycle those clothes by donating us old or non-useful clothes.
And through the same old clothes of yours, we will be able to give a good employment to women and youth.
If you want to join us and you are the owner of any company and office
So you can run our campaign in your office and company with all your workers in your office and company.

If you want more information from us, then you can contact us, we are always available at your service.

We would like to tell you if you want to join us then you also want to see a good future then you are absolutely right.
We all know that even today, there is a large population in the country who go to bed hungry in the streets and streets, but we want to tell you that under the Freedom shiksha Foundation campaign, you should not throw the leftover food of your party, rather you give us Donate and we will deliver that food to all those people who are forced to sleep hungry at night.
Just with your little help, we can see a bigger and better tomorrow.

If you want more information from us, then you can contact us, we are always available at your service.