Education By Freedom Shiksha Foundation

When we started freedom shiksha foundation as we have focused on our mission we started our free classes for children who were not interested to study even they were not even aware about education, for them education was just a formality going school and came back to home within just 2 hours.

these were going in the community they tie their bags and play with their friends in gali mohallas and after knowing this thing this was really important to bring them school back in a formal manner not just for formality but for making themself more strong educationally.

Education With Entertainment

We took an initiative to get enrolled some community children at school and then we started our free classes and enrolled our first 40 students and there they learnt many things why education is important and the valuable part of education they started taking interest to go back school and stays till their last period of class and that was an big achievement for freedom shiksha foundation and this work is going more stronger than it was at the starting time and surely with the help of people we will send all the students to school.


At The Session

At the end of the Session we insure that the student who came to our class when he/she go back to home they do have a special memories and rememberable moments by which they feel happy and they eager to come back in our session next day.