Awards Recognitions


Minister Of Social Justice And Empowerment Of India

Shri Ramesh Bhidhuri

MP Delhi

We are very happy that we are doing such a work in which we are helping poor children, women, youth, elderly, and all such people.Seeing this work of ours, Delhi MP Shri Ramesh Bidhuri ji was awarded the Certificate of Honor in view of the work of Freedom Shiksha Foundation.

We want to bring a sustainable change in the country in which we can give a better education and a beautiful tomorrow to all the children of the country.
Empower women so that they can take the decisions themselves and help them to live an open life

Shri Sai Ram Pehlwan

MLA Delhi

In view of our work, a certificate of honor has also been received from the MLA of our district, which will help our volunteers to work more diligently in the society.

Freedom shiksha Foundation is working in bringing about a big change in our society, just your cooperation is needed.